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July 16, 2012
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18 year old art student Katy was the second tourist of the day to be executed. She had just watched Caroline being shot. A single bullet fired into each of her soft pale breasts. Then the guard finished her off with a round to the head.
Katy staggered over to the wall, flanked by two guards. They held her upright as she stumbled forwards and within moments she was standing next to Caroline's still quivering, body. The guards then stepped aside and Katy was left facing the execution detail. Her legs shaking. Katy's execution would take only seconds

The guard with the pistol turned to face her

Katy mumbled something about not having any knickers on. The cries and sobs of the other women masked her final, pointless words.
She didn't notice the urine pouring down her legs


Each gun kicked and spat a single bullet into Katy's plump shuddering breasts. With a loud grunt she was slammed back against the wall. She stood there for a few seconds gasping then just simply stopped living. Her lifeless corpse slowly slid sideways down the wall and lay on her side. The guard with the pistol approached Katy and grabbed her by an ankle. He heaved her limp, motionless body round to lie on her back beside Caroline, then shot her in the head. Katy lay silently alongside Caroline staring vacantly at the sky.

The guard turned to remaining women and waved the next tourist forward. The escort selected 22 year old Miranda from the group. The stunning blonde babe squealed in terror as they lifted her by the arms and dragged her forwards. Her perfect body struggling and resisting at every step... She had less than a minute of life left.
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hey don't stop at this point , let's see 22 years old Miranda

could you present some details about the female members of the firing squad
unfortunate-squirrel Jul 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mirandas cummi..... I mean coming.. Or was I right first time . I never though much about the firing squad for this one. Maybe I should write a bigger back story. But more Info is in the description of picture tourist execution 2. The firing squad leader is male but the two shooters are female. They are cheeky little minxes. Enrolled into the militia from college. Always train up your killers while they are young. These girls are Always eager to shoot another woman in the breasts and will happily do it all day. Only pausing every now and again to take one of the victims to the side for nice licking and tribbing session . Shooting nice wobbling boobs all day leads to lots of built up tension and frustration imagining it was happening to their own tender breasts . So they need to regularly release the frustration and orgasm is best for that. Then once satisfied the girls return to the firing line and continue with the killing .
These young girls can be pretty frisky and ,much to the dismay of the detainees so can the men.
sorry for delay in answer ( I was in a place with no internet)

may I bring to your attention this poser scene by hookywooky? it looks like the "previous moment " of the scene you have drawn ( but there are too many male characters, not my cup of tea


another question: is the last scene of yours ( mass execution) related to the tourist group?

definitely you should post more stuff
unfortunate-squirrel Jul 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The ooser scene is cool. Thanks for the link.

In answer to your question. No the mass execution is not related as an event. But it is related in the context of the world world. It's a separate incident somewhere else in the same country. All my work is set on a Fictional Island nation of Samaria. Somewhere in the Indian Ocean area , Sometime in the future. Its a popular stop off point for tourists travelling the area, due to its beaches , scenery and sex industry. But in the last few days there's been a military coup and those now in charge make Pol Pot seem like a telly tubbie. Theres no UN any more and its even more feeble replacement, The Peace Cooperative, is helpless to intervene. America doesnt get involved because its recovering from the Yellowstone Caldera eruption and the rest of the world can't organise a tee party in a chimp house. So when Samaria declares its borders sealed no one Gets involved.

The new Samarian government has decreed all foreigners to be illegal and must be disposed of. In the months following the coup, All international visitors are rounded up and summarily executed. Using various inventive means. They all tend to end up naked for some reason. Heheh.

With a blanket communications blackout the outside world is oblivious to this. It's only 6 years later after another coup that the borders reopen and the fate of the foreigners is revealed.

As there were thousands if tourists in the country there there are plenty of massacres and executions to draw so more will be on the way no doubt.

Samaria is not a very good place to be for backpackers, :happybounce:
...8 year old art student Katy ? do you mean, 18 years old or what else? please edit

is the firing squad an all female team?
unfortunate-squirrel Jul 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hehe oops
unfortunate-squirrel Jul 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
18 it is. She would be a well developed 8 year old that's for sure. They were never like that in my junior school. If they had been i would never have left. Hehe. My execution details usually contain men and women or all women .strangely most seem to be homicidal sex maniacs. The choice of sex is often left to the viewer.
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